Whiskey Bandits

Episode 7: The Hunting Lodge


You found yourselves coming out of the teleportation circle in the middle of a heavily forested countryside in the middle of the Greypeak Mountains; very far from the Mere of Dead Men. There are three sets of portal stones with markings on where they possibly head to: “snowy lands”, unquiet swamp of mournful cracking" and “lands of the red sun”

As the group was searching around a patrol of two trolls and three drakes attacked the party. During the fight, Narcissos thought subtly was the best approach and launched a fireball at the trolls. Decimating the trolls, and part of the forrest, you made your way to the lodge to see who or what was inside.

After entering the lodge, you were promptly attacked by gargoyles in the main entrance. You made your way to the back of the lodge where you found a roomful of kobolds and cast a spell that turned them into goo. You barged through and found some servants getting sick from what they saw and deemed them a non threat. You made your way into the kitchen were you were attacked by the staff. After a small bit of battle, A very large four armed troll busted through the back door with some of his drakes in tow.

After taking care of the kitchen staff, the troll, and his drakes, you interrogated the servants who were more than willing to help you as they are not fans of the current ownership of the lodge. They informed you of some prisoners being held in the basement (one of which is a member of the cult loyal to Varram)

They directed the group upstairs to where Talis and her guard are waiting for the party. Talindir is taken aback and becomes very silent when he realizes who they are talking about, his sister.

You made your way of the stairs and into the room they were occupying. Talindir was very sorry to see his sister take this route, while she explained to him that it was here only way to go on and that he would see soon enough why she joined. Since the party and her guards were not going to fight, she proposed an offer. Take out Varram the White, so she could take her proper place within the cult. She does not like the direction the Cult is going in and wants to take it back to the old ways. She does not trust Rezmir and she let the party know that Rezmir was at the lodge not long ago and was headed to Skyreach Castle near Parnast.(just 5 miles though the mountains.)

During your discourse with Talis, you found out more about the goings on of the Cult. Tales identified the five wyrmspeakers or leaders of the cult: Severin the Red, Galvan the Blue, Neronvain the Green, Rezmir the Black, and Varram the White.

Talis also explained the significance of a multi colored banner that you found earlier in the lodge (it helps identify you as a member when nearing the Castle). She also informed the party that all of the stolen goods that you have been trailing are to be used in a summing ritual to bring Tiamat to the Realms. The hordes of goods were being transported to Skyreach.


Thunderman Thunderman

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