Whiskey Bandits

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 1.3

The Tomb of Diderius

From the Journal of Varramzord the White

Eleint 21 1489 DR

Here is it the Autumn Equinox and I am having to leave the comfort and safety of the Well to find the Mask. How did it get lost? Who took the damned thing? They will pay dearly for it when I retrieve from their hands. I will give them a thrashing that the Queen will be happy to see. I hope that Severin does not notice that I have left; he has enough going on with preparing for the ritual with that damned Red Wizard that my absence should go unnoticed. I have received word of the demise of Rezmir. It is a shame, she was such a talent. May she rest by the Queen’s side and that the Greenest Five soon perish for their sins.

Eleint 24 1489 DR

With great speed and some magic we have arrived within a day’s journey of the Tomb of Diderius. I pray that the divination pool will lead me to the missing mask. I am not sure of what to find within the tomb. After dealing with the Yaun-ti of the S’tck’al tribe at Boaresky Bridge we made haste to get here. I did not want to draw attention to ourselves there if one of undercover informants happen to be in the area. The Yuan-ti will feel the wrath of the Queen. With my select guard and a little help from Zariel of Avernus, they should be no match for us. I do love the smell of blood being spilled for my Queen in the morning … it smells like a good sacrifice.

Marpenoth 1 1489 DR

Where do I begin? I have failed Severin and most importantly my Queen. Everything went so wrong. Some damned ghosts killed some of my men and possessed their bodies. I should have brought Zariel’s servants with me instead of having them post guard. A costly mistake. The cost for the pool was a great one, but Arval service will be remembered.

How long was i out? After we were surprised by the Yaun-ti I remember flashes of pain and torture. I am not sure which is worse, being tortured by Yuan-ti or going to Waterdeep with the Greenest Five. One of them, the half elf, is related to Talis. What a fool she is for being a non-believer. Her ways are old and ineffective. Now, I am aboard the castle where Rezmir was reported to meet her majesty the Queen. Even though I am still a captive, at least I am being treated better than the Yuan-ti. This Ice Castle is far more comfortable than a stone altar. One thing does make me happy, I will enjoy seeing the surprise of Rezmir’s killers when we return to Waterdeep.

Hail Tiamat.


Thunderman Thunderman

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