Whiskey Bandits

Tyranny of Dragons Campaign
Archive of the level 1-15 campaign of the Heroes of Greenest

Episode 1: The Burning of Greenest

Four of the party members, Talindir, Rendal, Kalam, and Logheir were hired to guard a small merchant caravan to the town of Greenest. Each person had their own reason for going and the caravan was a good way to get there. Towards the end of the journey, they discovered a body in the road. Turns out he was not dead but passed out. Narcissos Thum is his name and he had no recollection of how he got there or what his past was. Very guardedly, the party let him on the caravan on the way to Greenest.

As the party approached the town, they saw that it was being attacked by an Adult Blue Dragon and large force of humanoids, kobolds, drakes, and giant lizards. DragonAttack_TyrannyoftheDragons_GuidoKuip_2014.jpg

Some in the party halted and questioned the decision of helping out, while Talindir took the reigns and headed straight into town to help out.

The parry helped a family being chased by some kobolds and then made straight for the keep. Inside the keep, they came across Tarbaw Nighthill, the elected official of Greenest and Castellan Escobert the Red, the head of security at the keep.

Nighthill asked the party to save some of the townsfolk at the temple of Chantea. The party agreed to help. Escobert then guided the party down to an old tunnel for them to have access to the keep while keeping stealthy during the assault. The party fought a couple of swarms of rats and made their way out to fight a patrol of the Cult of the Dragon.

You made your way to the temple and discovered that a couple of dozen villagers were huddled inside and three large patrols were attempting to break their way in. You then disguised themselves as members of the Cult and drew a few out and dispatched them. afterwards you managed to get the villagers out and return them safely to the keep. [[File:396743 | class=media-item-align-none | Cultist.jpeg]]

From the top of the keep you could see the what sort how the town was looking. The-Hobbit-The-Burning-of-LakeTown1.jpg

Some in the party tried to convince the Governor to flee while some managed to rally the small untrained forces at the keep to drive the raiders away. The governor then came to you to ask that you capture someone within their ranks for questioning. You agreed and headed out the Old Tunnel. Coming around the bend you came across the Blue Dragon, Lennithon. After some discourse you found out she was very bored of the assault and only agreed to help out since the Cult has a few of her eggs. She agreed to leave if you would get her eggs back.

You then found a group of cultists and easily dispatched them and took one prisoner. While interrogating him back at the keep, you discovered that the Cult invaded Greenest because it was an easy target. They were looting and pillaging “to create a horde of the arrival of the Queen of Dragons.” He also said the cult’s camp is located a half day south in the foothills.

After the interrogation, the party was called out to the keep. There they dissevered four townsfolk were brought out and a blue half dragon, Cyanwrath, demanded one on one combat with their champion. Logheir volunteered and headed down the face the beast. Loghier was cut down very quickly. The prisoners were released and the cult left the town. They got what they came for. Logheir was revived and the Nighthill thanked them for helping the town. “You deserve a good night’s rest”

Episode 2: The Raider’s Camp
You woke up after the I[[Episode 1: The Burning of Greenest | nvasion of Greenest]] to sore muscles and a town dealing with the trauma of what transpired the night before. After a brief catch up on the events that happened, Govenor Tarbaw Nighthill asked to party to find the their camp and investigate the motivations behind the attack. You were offered 250GP each for finding information, any missing townsfolk, and any missing items that was taken from the attack.

While you were gathering your items for the journey and waiting for Nighthill to get some information together, an injured monk approached you asking for your assistance. Nesim Waladra asked you to find his master Leosin Erlanthar. He was taken hostage by the bandits and he was in fear for his life.

As you got close to the camp, you stumbled on some stragglers who stopped to get a bite to eat. you did not surprise the group but did vanquish. While interrogating a prisoner, you found out a few things:

1. Frulam Mondath handles the day to day operations of the Cult
2. Cyanwrath is her right hand man.
3. The highest ranking Cultist is Rezmir.
4. Greenest was attacked because of it’s low defenses and was the largest haul the Cult has acquired.
5. Somehow the Cult has changed from crating Dracoliches to attempting to bring Tiamat to the Realms. PRAISE TIAMAT’S GLORY!!

You avoided a kerfuffle with the Rear Guard and made your way into the Cutlist Camp. Since they were on a high from a very successful mission, no one questioned your presence. The stolen clothes have done the trick.

While in the camp, You discovered that three mercenary companies were hired by the Cult: The Military-like Storm Blades, the rowdy Red Suns, and the pirates Black Sails. Seeing that hired help did not respect each other you used that to your advantage. Talindir and Narcissus headed to the Beer Tent to start a ruckus with the Red Suns and the Black Sails, while Kalam, Rendal, and Logheir headed deeper into the camp to rescue anyone they could find.

Talindir and Narcissos managed to start a bar room brawl and set the place on fire. While the fire caused a big distraction at one of the camp, The rest of the party managed to find Leosin tie to a whipping post within minutes of dying.

Before Rendal, Kalam, and Content Not Found: logheir-kaladstr-m succeeded in untying Leosin, they caught a glimpse of the Cyanwarth, Frulam, and Resmir coming out of a heavily guarded cave. Not taking any chances they concentrated on cutting loose Leosin and getting him out of the camp while the beer tent and a guard tower started burning.

You met at the Stragglers campsite and then headed back to Greenest.

Episode 3: The Dragon Hatchery
The party arrived back in Greenest with Leosin Erlantthar in tow. You waited for a couple of days for his recovery from his captivity with the Cult’s camp. When he came to, He asked of you to go back into the camp to conduct a mission: to see what they were up to. Where they going to prepare another raid? What are their next plans? What was in the cave that was so heavily guarded. Since he was captured, he is well known by the cultist and it would not be wise for him to return. After you find out what was going on, he would meet you in Elturel where a reward of 150GP a pice would be waiting for you.

After getting ready and formulating a plan, you made your way to the camp. You were very careful about your approach as you did not want to be captured as you left the state of the camp like you kicked over an ant hill.

When you arrived, you discovered that it was all but abandoned. Half of the huts were burned down and trash was everywhere. The only signs of life that were in the camp were some contract hunters dressing some elk that they caught for the day. Not taking any chances, you quietly dispatched the hunters and approached the cave with caution.

IN the entrance you found two Dragon Cultist standing guard inside. You quickly took care of the guards and cautiously made your way deeper into the cave. You found a passageway that lead to some guard barracks. and an empty storage room.

After a thrilling battle with a large guard contingency, you delved deeper into a found Frulam’s chamber where she escaped down a hole beneath a throw rug. While searching her chamber, you found some crude maps showing where the Cult has raided some nearby communities. Within the notes was a sheet of paper with column of numerals and a note stating: “Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar. ”/characters/rezmir" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring , and a handful of some treasures." You also found an extra change of her Wearer of Purple regalia.

You then delved down her escape hatch and it brought you to a shrine dedicated to Tiamat. Within the shrine wasFrulam and Cyanwrath. With vengeance swelling within you you attacked them and their honor guard.
After a bitter grueling battle fought with their strength and his breath weapon, you successfully brought them down. Within the temple you found a chest with some treasure and few magic items. SCORE!

You searched the cave system some more and found 2 Blue Dragon eggs.

Episode 4.1: On the Road
After exiting the Dragon Hatchery, You made your way back to Greenest then to the long road to Your text to link here…. You found some fresh caravan tracks that led north but away from Greenest. Kalam, sent his owl ahead to do scout the area. He saw two wagons stopped near a bridge. One of them was parked and the other had a broken wheel. Cautiously, the party approched to gauge the intent of the merchants. After some banter back and forth, you deduced that they were part of the Cult of the Dragon. Combat ensued and you dispatched the villainous cultists. Looking through the wagons, you discovered that the wares were most of the stolen goods that Nighthill asked you to retrieve. You also found a note telling you of the cults further plans:

“Dragonwing Lemura Ironcloak,

I fear our operation may have been compromised with the escape of the monk, Erlanthar. Thus we begin the second phase. Our hard won hoard will be split among a number of caravans with each heading on a different route to the city of Baldur’s Gate. Once there, sell your wagons and supplies, secure your part of the hoard, and seek our agent Aravax Foxtraveler. He will give you further information.

The Queen of Dragons will rise again,

Wyrmspeaker Rezmir"

You made your way back to Greenest to deliver the wagons and asked for junk in exchange to continue as Cultists bringing loot. Logheir was reunited with his pony Lykke. (Cue the sappy piano music)

The next day, the party made their way north to Elturel to meet with Leosin and Ontharr Frume. But not before Lennithon decided to drop in. She thanked you for bringing her eggs back to her, took them and said that she would be seeing you again.
After arriving in Elturel, you made your way to a blacksmith to have Cyanwrath‘s armor fitted for Logheir. You then visited A Pair of Black Antlers, Ontharr’s watering hole. he is jovial chap. Many drinks were had and some armwrestling ensued.

Later than evening, you had a meeting with Ontharr, Leosin, and Barnabas Corthwaite ( a friend of Talindir). They stressed the importance of following the trail of the Cult to see what they are up to. They were known to concentrate mainly in the east and focus on making dracoliches to destroy Faerun. What changed and why? They also asked the party if they would like to join their factions. Ontharr is part of the Order of the Gauntlet while Leosin and Barnabas are part of the Harpers. They mentioned that there are other factions at play looking into the Cult: The Emerald Enclave, The Lord’s Alliance, and The Zhentarum. Talindir, Narcissos and Kalam best thought to join the Harpers and their cause. Rendal (loyal as ever) joined with the Order of the Gauntlet. Logheir decided to wait and see what the others offer for him.

With that the party went to sleep and got ready for their travels down the Chionthar River. The party had an uneventful journey until they stopped on the shores for the night at some dwarves ruins near the river. The party was attacked by an orc band. The party dispatched them set sail in the morning for Baldur;s Gate.

Episode 4.2: Baldur’s Gate
The party safely arrived in the bustinling metroplis of Baldur’s Gate. After your transport docked, you made your way through the city to find out about Your contact, Ackyn Selebon and the Cult contact Aravax Foxtraveler. You decided to get a room at The Three Old Kegs, a well to do tavern inn near the Black Gate. After getting your room, you decided to start investigating with the leads that you had here.
[[File:440390 | class=media-item-align-center | Baldur_s_Gate_Enter.jpg]]
You met with Ackyn Selebon, to get some information about the city and to see if he had any clues about Aravax. He was a good source about nature of the city, however he did not have any good information about Aravax. He did know that she dealt with those in the Outer City district of Little Calimsham.littlecalmishan.jpg You headed to the other side of the city and found the safe house. You cased the place for many hours with no serious activity going in or out of the place. Just as you were about to call it a night and get back to the main gates, a very nice palinquin showed up. Arrival stepped out of the door to talk with person being paraded around. Kalam sent his owl to follow the noble and see where they went to. After seeing the palinquin’s destination, you found out the person was Desmond Opal, a bored noble who needs a little excitement by helping out the Cult of the Dragon.

The next day Talindir offered to pose as a member of the Cult to get a lead where their spoils are heading to. He successfully lied his way into the Aravax’s good graces and got the information the party was needing. The Cult will be n a merchant caravan and will be heading to Waterdeep. You headed back to Ackyn and let him know what you found out. He informed that the journey is 700 miles, would take 2 months to get there. Even though the Trade Way is well traveled, he thought it best that you get jobs as guards with a merchant, Nyerhite Verther, that will be part of the same caravan. Impressed with what he saw in the party, Nyerhite hired you on the spot and let you know that meeting place and time for the long journey.

After you left the meeting with Nyerhite, you discovered that you were being followed. You led your persuants to an abandoned house where you promptly overwhelmed them. You found out there were mercenaries hired by Opal. One was willing to be bought off but Narcissus decided otherwise. By the non actions of Opal, it appeared that you scared him enough that he did not leave his house.

The next day, the party met Verther, saddled up, and started the long trip to Waterdeep.

Episode 4.3: The road from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep

From the Journal of Imsa:
I am not sure about this. I am a little scared to travel so far. I have never been this far from home, but I must have strength to do this. I can’t be afraid. I know that I have to get to Waterdeep to seek help. After what he did to me, I have to find a powerful wizard there.If no one can help me there, then I am doomed to be green forever. I am glad that Nyerhite Verther took pity on me and gave me a fair price to let me travel with him.

Day 1: So, here I am, about to make a journey of a lifetime. It looks safe enough. There are enough people here that we should be secure for the journey to Waterdeep. I never thought I would be going to the City of Splendors much less with the group of people here. Who are the people here? A lot, the ones that stand out the most are Beyd Sechepol (he sells some decent ale; it is not the best but it is here. There is one rather tall fellow: Sulesdeg the Pole. He says he has travelled this road many times over past few years. Another guard is Leda Widris. She appears to be from Tethyr and says she wants to get to cooler climates as she is tired of the heat. Aldor Urnpolehurst looks to be quite boorish one. I have tried talking to him and he shut me down. He reminds me of him. Enom Tobun is one of the teamsters for the caravan. He is great to chat with as he always has a story. There is a strange one called Lasfelro. Everyone cals him The Silent. He does not speak and has a very creepy statue tied to his wagon. I try to stay away from him. There are also a group of five well armed gents: Talindir, Rendal (sigh), Narcisssos ( a very scary looking tiefling) Kalam, and Loghier. They do not look like they belong together but they act like a team. I wonder if they are adventurers? I could not lead that lifestyle as it sounds too scary for me.

Day 8: Today was a scary day. We came across another caravan that was ambushed by the Urshani hobgoblins in the Fields of the Dead. After some of the guards investigated the wagons, we were attacked by those things. One of them has me by the hair and almost put it’s scimitar through me. Thankfully Leda stopped it. I am still shaking and I do not feel that I will go to sleep tonight. It was so terrifying. Why did I come this way? Why didn’t I just stay home? I have to stay strong. Talindir says we should not fear them anymore. He says that they took care of the hobgoblin leader. I hope so.

Days 9-13: So much rain! I cant stand it! When can we see some sun? The rain finally broke and we were stopped by some very large fungi blocking the road. The guards tried to cut them down but they let out a very depressing groan. It was like the fungi were being slaughtered. I almost jumped up to tell them to stop. It was depressing and sad. They decided to go around the mushrooms. Thank the gods. I would not be able to stand hearing those things.

Day 16: Today was very interesting. While on the road we saw some very beautiful elk. One of them was very unique. From where we were, it appeared that one of them had a hide made of platnium. It was so pretty. It ran across the road in front of us and some of the guards went after it. They were gone for quite a while but came back empty handed. Good, it was too pretty to kill for sport.

Day 20: I know now that I do not like swamps either. We entered the Trollclaw Ford Swamps today. It smells awful here. It was very cloudy today so the place feels extra creepy. Towards the end of the day we encountered someone eating a raw alligator. Disgusting! The guards managed to scare them off. Shudder they were so ugly and smelled!
Day 28: We finally made it out of the swamps a few days ago. it is good to be near some grass and see some sky. We are staying the night outside of some castle ruins. A lot of the guards are on edge tonight. I asked why we don’t get any closer. They said it was not a good idea as it is haunted by ghosts, devils, and demons. I took them for their word. Hobgoblins are scary enough, I would rather not see those things thank you very much!

Day 43: I have forgotten to write in my journal. How long has it been? Almost two tendays? I guess nothing has happened. The road never stops.Today was interesting though. Someone was buried in the road. He had “Oathbreaker” scrawled on his forehead. Whoever did this was a savage. That is so wrong to do that to someone. The guards dug him out while some said they should leave him. After he was dug out, Talindir, Rendal, Narciccos, Kalam, and Loghier appeared to have some interest in him. I wonder why? They are such good people.

Day 49: Something odd happened today. One of the other guards who do not socialize with the rest of us got into a heated exchange with Rendal. I wanted to jump to Rendal’s defense but they appeared to settle their differences.

Day 52: Today we arrived in Daggerford. It was so nice to be in a real town after travelling on the road for so long. I am looking forward to haveing a home cooked meal, some good wine, and above all, a bed to sleep in.

Day 53: What an awful day! Where to begin? We are back on the road. Some of the caravans stayed at Daggerford while a few more wagons joined up. A female gnome joined us. I am not sure of her name. She ignored the rest of us but she was watching some of the guards and another person who joined the caravan. She is quite a bit more serious than some of the gnomes I have some across. I wonder what her story is? Afer we got underway one of the wagons hit a rock in the road and it turned over. I looked over and saw some very nice jewelry. I mentioned to the wagon guard that I thought it was lovely! They were very terse with everyone and packed up the wagon and got it repaired. this evening I became very ill. I think it was something that I ate. Perhaps I am getting tired of life on the road. Rendal and his friends loked after me and gave me something to help me out. They are such nice people. After this journey is over, I hope to see them again.

Day 56: I am feeling much better after the bad meal from the other night. I am thankful for Rendal’s help. The last few day of this journey would be awful if it was not for him. We are so close to Waterdeep I can taste it. I keep thinking of the bed in Daggerford and I so want to get back into one. Going back to sleeping on a bedroll is starting to hurt again. Nothing is happening on the trail. Some of us are keeping ourselves entertained but we all are growing tired of the travel. if I do this again, I may have to look into sailing on a ship. I hear they go much faster but you still have dangers on the seas: pirates, big sea creatures and who know what else. For some reason today the gnome had a stern conversation with the guards.

Day 58: Today was another awful day. One of the guards turned up dead. He appeared to be murdered in the middle of the night. Who would do such a thing? The dead man’s compatriots accused Rendal of killing him.Nyerhite jumped to his defense and said that they have been nothing but heroic this entire trip. Their accusations were unfounded. I have to say, I do not like them at all. They are not kind people at all. Just two more days, that is all I need: two more days.

Day 60: Waterdeep!! We have arrived! I am so happy to be here. I hope that I can find someone to help me out. I want to get to some place I call home. Thanks the gods!

[[File:458702 | class=media-item-align-center | Waterdeep-1.jpg]]

Episode 5: Waterdeep and the Carnath Roadhouse
Finally! You have arrived at Waterdeep, the City of Splendors! Nyherite paid you in full for your services along the road. He stated was very impressed with your skills, professionalism and would hire your back in a heartbeat. Imsa parted from the caravan to find her way about the city and to find a cure for her “condition”.

You decided to spend some of your hard earned gold from the trip and get a few things for your next stage in this mission to find out about the path of the horde. Worried about Imsa, you put feelers on the ground on trying to find her thinking that you may have a cure for her with your new skills.

Wanting to keep tabs on the cultists, you tracked them to a warehouse north of the city. Kalam snuck in and listened in to the conversation the cultists were having. You learned they were moving the treasure northward. Deciding to keep tabs on them, Kalam had his owl parked at the warehouse for any change in activity.

Carlson, the harper you dug up from the road, found the party and informed you about a meeting taking place that night at the Yawning Portal. He urged the importance of the meeting.

That evening you arrived at the Yawning Portal and were instructed to go into a meeting room towards the back. Waiting for you were Ontharr, Leosin, Delaan Winterhound, and Lady Laeral Silverhand. As soon as the meeting started, Jamna elbowed her way into the room and stated that she thinks she needs to be a part of the talk. Before you were members of the five factions, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Harpers, the Emerald Enclave, The Lord’s Alliance, and the Zhentarim. A discussion was held about you travels and what you learned. You found out that Rezmir is heading north and she has a superior to answer to a Severin the Red. There are other top commanders representing the different colors of dragons. You agreed to travel north and find out where the cultists are going and find out more.

The next day you were hired by the High Road Charter Company to guard a caravan of supplies and workers for repairing the High Road to Neverwinter. It just so happens that the cult was in the same caravan and were not happy to see you.

After a ten-day you arrived at the Carnath Roadhouse were the road ended. The supplies and stolen horde were put into a strong room in the warehouse. When night fell, you were very curious about the storage of the treasure. You broke into the strongroom and found a ledger with inventory listed accept for the cultists haul. Kalam and Talindir snooped around while the rest of the party kept guard. While invisible Kalam found a trap door leading to a passage out of the strong room. While he was down there, he discovered a large amount of lizard men were coming up the passage. He took his time and finally left the passage before they caught him. Talindir and Kalam waited for the noise to settle in the strong room and went back inside to find a third of the cultists crates were gone.

Gathering the party together, you went back into the strong room and after covering your tracks headed down the trapdoor. You followed the passageway to the exit into the swamps of the Mere of Dead Men and makings on the trees.

Episode 6: Castle Naerytar

After exiting the tunnel that originated from the Carnath Roadhouse strongroom, you found yourselves in the middle of a swamp: The Mere of Dead Men. You then encountered a shambling mound lurking in the swamp. After a fierce battle you dispatched the beast.

Two slow long days of travel took you through the depths of the mere. You then arrived at a camp for lizard men who were transporting the cults stolen goods. As you made scouted out the campsite, a group of lizard men approached the area on rafts. As they went ashore, you attacked them. Wiping out half of them, they surrendered and one that could speak common begged for mercy and help. They are part of a tribe of lizardfolk called the Scaly Death. Their shamanistic leader, Suncaller was killed by the leader of the bullywugs, Pharblex Spattergoo. Every since then the morale of the lizard folk has been low and they have treated as slaves at Castle Naerytar. The local leader of the Cult of the Dragon, Dralmorrer Borngray took an interest in helping the lizard folk but it has not been enough for their liking.

After hearing this, you came to the conclusion that you would blend in as cultists and get a lay of the land of the Cult and try to follow the path of the stolen goods.

Arriving at the castle, you noticed that it has been kept up but still needs some work. Centuries in a swamp does some damage to a place. While doing your reconnaissance, you found out there there were few dragon cultists at the castle. The lizard folk were outnumbered by the bullywugs, but they were very lazy creatures. The lizard folk were very prideful and glad to have your help in restoring their tribe. Rezmir was at the castle a few days prior to your arrival and you witnessed the Red Wizard, Azbara Jos, go to the bottom of the castle never to appear.

You formulated a plan of events to cause havoc and take over the castle with the help of the Scaly Death tribe. When you were ready, you took out the bullywugs guarding the barbican and let in the lizard folk from out side the castle. You had some fierce battles until you made your way to the courtyard. The lizarfolk kept the bullywugs occupied while you searched Drallmorrer tower and found some documents: inventory of goods that have been shipped out of the castle via a teleportation circle below the castle with its activation word. You also found some loot and a personal journal of Dralmorrer.

The party then headed below to confront the Drallmorrer and Pharblex. A lengthy battle ensued and you dispatched the leaders and took over the castle for the lizard folk. After a rest, you headed to the teleportation circle and found yourself in the woods…..

Episode 7: The Hunting Lodge

You found yourselves coming out of the teleportation circle in the middle of a heavily forested countryside in the middle of the Greypeak Mountains; very far from the Mere of Dead Men. There are three sets of portal stones with markings on where they possibly head to: “snowy lands”, unquiet swamp of mournful cracking" and “lands of the red sun”

As the group was searching around a patrol of two trolls and three drakes attacked the party. During the fight, Narcissos thought subtly was the best approach and launched a fireball at the trolls. Decimating the trolls, and part of the forrest, you made your way to the lodge to see who or what was inside.

After entering the lodge, you were promptly attacked by gargoyles in the main entrance. You made your way to the back of the lodge where you found a roomful of kobolds and cast a spell that turned them into goo. You barged through and found some servants getting sick from what they saw and deemed them a non threat. You made your way into the kitchen were you were attacked by the staff. After a small bit of battle, A very large four armed troll busted through the back door with some of his drakes in tow.

After taking care of the kitchen staff, the troll, and his drakes, you interrogated the servants who were more than willing to help you as they are not fans of the current ownership of the lodge. They informed you of some prisoners being held in the basement (one of which is a member of the cult loyal to Varram)

They directed the group upstairs to where Talis and her guard are waiting for the party. Talindir is taken aback and becomes very silent when he realizes who they are talking about, his sister.

You made your way of the stairs and into the room they were occupying. Talindir was very sorry to see his sister take this route, while she explained to him that it was here only way to go on and that he would see soon enough why she joined. Since the party and her guards were not going to fight, she proposed an offer. Take out Varram the White, so she could take her proper place within the cult. She does not like the direction the Cult is going in and wants to take it back to the old ways. She does not trust Rezmir and she let the party know that Rezmir was at the lodge not long ago and was headed to Skyreach Castle near Parnast.(just 5 miles though the mountains.)

During your discourse with Talis, you found out more about the goings on of the Cult. Tales identified the five wyrmspeakers or leaders of the cult: Severin the Red, Galvan the Blue, Neronvain the Green, Rezmir the Black, and Varram the White.

Talis also explained the significance of a multi colored banner that you found earlier in the lodge (it helps identify you as a member when nearing the Castle). She also informed the party that all of the stolen goods that you have been trailing are to be used in a summing ritual to bring Tiamat to the Realms. The hordes of goods were being transported to Skyreach.

Episode 8: Skyreach Castle

From the hunting lodge where you met with Talis, you made your way to the nearby Cult of the Dragon controlled small village of Parnast. Some things about the village stood out to you: the inhabitants were very leery of strangers, the stables were boarded up, and Skyreach Castle was a large floating castle, giant large.

You had a small tussle with the local militia, led by cult crony Captain Othelstan. As you fought off the captain and his small troops, the castle departed Parnast. Knowing you had to get in the castle, you searched for a way to get there from the village. You searched the boarded up stables and found wyverns that were used for the transport by the cult. With some deft and cautious approaches to the wyverns, you were able to mount them and fly out to the castle.

You landed the wyverns on the top level of the castle and saw what was ahead of you. The castle was manned by ogres, humanoid cult members, a legion of kobolds used as petty servants. While you were milling about trying to figure out how to explore the castle, a kobold bumped into you and begged forgiveness for his actions. You grilled the kobold about details about the place. The castle was owned by a cloud giant Blogathkus and he resided in a tower on the top level. Azbara Jos and Rezmir were both here in the castle. In the center of the frozen rock, a white dragon was here as part of the cults plans. The ogres directly served the cloud giant and he had two stone giant companions here as well.

You decided to approach the Blogathkus in his tower. You found him being groomed by two female ogres. While conversing with him, he said that he joined with cult in hoping to bring giants back to their former glory by going head to head with the dragons. He thought that giant kind have gotten complacent and allying with the cult to help bring about a war would stir his race to action. You convinced him that was the wrong way about going about things and that he should take them head on and you would do some dirty work in getting them out of his castle. He said that he would have his ogres start dealing with the kobolds and cultists if you dealt with the Red Wizard, Rezmir and the dragon. You decided to take care of the wizard first since it was the easier of the three.

You made your way down to the lower level and found his room. You approached him and his body guards and swiftly dealt with them. Upon scouring his room, you found a note detailing why some Red Wizards are allied with the cult :

My brother in exile, your work with Rezmir and the cult has been fundamental in our objective. I am on my way to Severin to gather more pieces of the summoning ritual. The help you have with the horde will be a key part of the funding of the very expensive and complex summons. With the dragons at our side, we will be able to overthrow Szass Tam and his vile undead followers and return Thay to living Zulkirs.
Rath Modar”

Hearing a commotion outside the door, it burst open with a stone giant filling the large doorway. He recognized that you were sent by Blogathkus and there were in the midst of killing off the cult. You ran out of the room and saw Rezmir heading for the top level. She was wearing a mask that resembled a Black Dragon head. You chased her and some of her drakes and body guards into the ice cavern. She was waiting for you at the edge of a doorway. She said that you attempt is feeble and you will pay for the trouble you have caused the cult. She called down Glazheal, the white dragon and left the chamber. You fought a fierce battle with the white dragon and killed him off in the cavern. you were exhausted after the fight and took a rest to catch a breath. While resting you found a horde of gold and treasure frozen in the floor of the cavern.

After your breather, headed upstairs to confront Rezmir. You found her on the top level about to take on Blogothkus, who was injured from fighting the cult. She had her mask off and a chest with her. You had a fierce battle with Rezmir, her guard drakes, and her personal guard in which she fought to the death. You did it, after all this time, you managed to hunt down Rezmir. You opened her chest and saw the Black Dragon mask disappear before your eyes. Where did it go? What powers did it hold?

Blogathkus thanked you for your help in clearing out the cult. He decided to head to the Spine of the World and talk to his kin about what is happening and asked where you wanted to go.

Next stop, Waterdeep.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 1.1
The session opens up with a scuffle with Dragon Cultists on a ravaged farm in which you dispatch them with ease. As you wipe your blades from the blood you have spilled, you realize that you been through this same scenario many times since the elimination of Rezmir. Your trek back to Waterdeep was not the quiet flight you assumed it would be.

The lengthy journey from the cult controlled town of Parnast to the City of Splendors has been filled much sadness. Looking down from the castle, you have seen many small villages and towns suffering the same a worse fate than Greenest: looted, burned to the ground, and left for dead. You have helped as many villages, a farm steads, and outposts from the plundering of the cult on you way back to Waterdeep.

Since the conflict against the Wyrmspeaker Rezmir and the Red Wizard Azbara Jos, the events aboard Skyreach Castle have been interesting to say the least. Blogathkus has passed away from deadly dose of poison he suffered during the fray. You tried to help him but he insisted to let him be. He wanted to be with his long fallen wife, Escarlotta. To show his gratitude for making see where giant kinds true enemies lay, he bequeathed the Castle to you and asked that the Stone Giants Wiglof and Hulda be the stewards to the Castle. They promised you to keep the surly ogres in check until Waterdeep, when a new crew would have to be found.

And now, you are back in Waterdeep. After securing the castle well outside the city walls and dismissing the ogres, You have received word from your friend in the Harper’s Leosin Erlanthar that you are to appear before the council at the Lord’s Palace to inform what has transpired.

As you make your way through the crowded streets, a sudden shift in the wind brings with it a strange sense of unease. The feeling is akin to the drop in air pressure before the approach of a deadly storm, or faint tremors felt from a landslide or earthquake far away. You’re not the only ones who have noticed. The city around you goes unnaturally quiet suddenly. No dogs baking, no birds squawk, even the street vendors who are always barking for business have fallen silent. After a few seconds the normal sounds of the vibrant city come back to life.

When you make your way into the Lord’s Palace and away from the cacophony of the streets, you notice the disturbance again. It feels like a rumbling almost to faint to hear. The patrons and servants of the Lord’s Palace all have looks of worry and confusion about what has transpired.

You are escorted into the Council Chambers where a large crowd is funneling into the various seats around the dias where you are asked to stand. There are quite a few faces that look familiar to you and some that are new to you as well. The last to enter is the Open Lord of Waterdeep: Dagult Neverember.

You have a lengthy council session where you are introduced to many members. For the Lord’s Alliance you met Lady Laurel Silverhand, Ambassador Conrad Brawnanvil, Marshal Ulder Ravengard, King Melandrach, and Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade. Also in attendance were the Harpers with Remalia Haventree and Leosin. Onthar from the Order of the Gauntlet was in attendance as was Delen Winterhound from the Emerald Enclave.

As the meeting came to order, Dala Silmerhelve, a noble spoke up and stated that she knew what caused the deep dark rumbling. the Draakhorn. Many members were skeptical of what she was stating but continued with the meeting.

You presented to the council what your journey has been and answered pointed questions of how you handled things. Dagult Neverember filled in a few details about how Severin was a Chosen of Tiamat and Rath Modar helped him take over the Cult of the Dragon. The council meeting was called to order by the doing of Remalia. Her husband Arthagast Ulbrinter was assassinated by the Cult. Leosoin spoke up and stated that they have some intel about a whereabouts of a wyrmspeaker, Varram the White. He was believed to be in the area near Boareskyr Bridge.

From there you had two objectives to complete, find out more about the Draakhorn and find Varram the White (dead or alive). The council granted you a Writ of Inquiry granting you emergency investigative powers, granting access to resources and sites deemed necessary but also carries oversight from the council.

After the meeting Dala asked to speak you and later that night and talk over dinner. When you arrived, you had a nice dinner and proceeded to find out more about her and her family. She also told you about what she knows about the Draakhorn. She also mentioned scholar from the Arcane Brotherhood, a Maccath the Crimson, a tiefling sorcerer has been studying it and has been missing for three years. Her last known whereabouts were in the Sea of Moving Ice. It was believed that she was captured by a white dragon, Arathator and held in his iceberg lair Oyaviggaton.

After she divulged the information, it was apparent that she was a target of another Cullt assassination attempt. Through a fierce battle you managed to save Dala from the same fate as Arthagast. You collectively decided to head to Iceland Dale.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 1.2
Following the meeting in Waterdeep with the council, you flew the newly staffed castle to Icewind Dale to the Ten Towns to find Lerustah Half Face, a contracr sailor for Talidir’s father and captain of the longship Frostskimmr. After scouring the town of Bryn Shander, you discovered that he sets port in Easthaven. You traveled a day to the town and found him and some of his crew at the inn The Big Fat Kncicklehead. After some negotiation, you hired him and his crew to take you to find the last known whereabouts of Maccath the Crimson.

You spent two days searching the sea of icebergs for the white dragon’s lair, Oyaviggaton. During your search you came across the native people of theNorth, the Ice Hunters also known in their tongue as the Uluik.You managed to tack them and found a large iceberg that was used as a village by the Ice Hunters.

When you docked to the berg, you discovered an interesting site, frozen bodies from embedded in ice to serve as a warning. There were also large whale bones with a very large bite radius on them. A dragon perhaps?

You met some of the villagers and elders of the tribe whom gave you a very cold shoulder and asked you to leave. They were very aggressive in their attitude which is contradictory to what you have heard about this culture. A challenge was given to your best warrior in that if you won, then you could stay. Logheir accepted the challenge and one of their best stepped forward, Orcaheart. A tough duel ensued and the tribal chieftain, Barking Seal. answered your questions. You found out that you are in the right place. This ice berg is Aruthor’s lair. the end trace to the lair was shown to you and you made your way down into the ice caves below.

Upon entering the ice caves, you had a hard time moving about. Everything was ice through and trough. finding a room being kept up by kobolds, you attacked them and quickly did away with them. You took their crampons and fashioned them to your feet so you could walk more easily on the ice. In your search of the berg, you found a group of ice toads doing things that you would never expect from a toad: writing and communicating. The leader Marfulb talked to you a little bit, but she showed disinterest in who you were.

You dispatched a couple of ice trolls in a side room and found a very sick Ice Hunter that left for dead in a room. After a quick battle with another loan ice troll, you found Maccath reading a set of scrolls and showing little interest in you as well.

You convinced her that you are trying to get her out of the lair and need information about the Draakhorn. She said that it was at the lair when she arrived. It was taken away by some go those in the Cult of the Dragon after some partying with the Old White Death. Feeling that she may have a chance to get out of her captivity, she gave the party a Ring of Cold Resistant and two arrows of Dragon Slaying. After a short rest, you made your way to the dragon;s lair.

You climbed down a 60’ chute and then into the pitch black lair. You found a couple of ice trolls in the corner and promptly surprised them. After a round of combat, a voice shook the cavern "WHO INTRUDES INTO MY DOMAIN!!! YOU WILL PERISH!!!

Arauthator flew into the area of the caves that you were in and blasted his breath weapon and the nearest party members. Kalam went down fast but Talindir managed to help him back up. Through the shear will of the dragon, the lair started attacking the party.

A perilous fight ensued where you though that you were not going to be able to make it. After some resound hits by Logheir with the sword of Dragon Slaying, the battle turned in your favor. You injured the dragon so badly, he thought it was time to get out of there and fight another day. When he was flying away, you managed to land some final attacks on him and slayed your second dragon.

The party scoured the lair for some of his horde and returned to the surface with Maccath. The ice Hunters were stunned that you slain the dragon and rejoiced. No longer feeling that they were prisoners to The Old White Death, they started to pack up to leave Oyaviggaton.

A few days later you arrived in Luskan to the Arcane Bortherhood’s Hosttower. Cashaan the Red, the Archmage of the Hosttower greated you and thanked you for returning Maccath to the fold. He offered the Brotherhood’s services for returning Maccath and the stolen texts.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 1.3
From the Journal of Varramzord the White

Eleint 21 1489 DR

Here is it the Autumn Equinox and I am having to leave the comfort and safety of the Well to find the Mask. How did it get lost? Who took the damned thing? They will pay dearly for it when I retrieve from their hands. I will give them a thrashing that the Queen will be happy to see. I hope that Severin does not notice that I have left; he has enough going on with preparing for the ritual with that damned Red Wizard that my absence should go unnoticed. I have received word of the demise of Rezmir. It is a shame, she was such a talent. May she rest by the Queen’s side and that the Greenest Five soon perish for their sins.

Eleint 24 1489 DR

With great speed and some magic we have arrived within a day’s journey of the Tomb of Diderius. I pray that the divination pool will lead me to the missing mask. I am not sure of what to find within the tomb. After dealing with the Yaun-ti of the S’tck’al tribe at Boaresky Bridge we made haste to get here. I did not want to draw attention to ourselves there if one of undercover informants happen to be in the area. The Yuan-ti will feel the wrath of the Queen. With my select guard and a little help from Zariel of Avernus, they should be no match for us. I do love the smell of blood being spilled for my Queen in the morning … it smells like a good sacrifice.

Marpenoth 1 1489 DR

Where do I begin? I have failed Severin and most importantly my Queen. Everything went so wrong. Some damned ghosts killed some of my men and possessed their bodies. I should have brought Zariel’s servants with me instead of having them post guard. A costly mistake. The cost for the pool was a great one, but Arval service will be remembered.

How long was i out? After we were surprised by the Yaun-ti I remember flashes of pain and torture. I am not sure which is worse, being tortured by Yuan-ti or going to Waterdeep with the Greenest Five. One of them, the half elf, is related to Talis. What a fool she is for being a non-believer. Her ways are old and ineffective. Now, I am aboard the castle where Rezmir was reported to meet her majesty the Queen. Even though I am still a captive, at least I am being treated better than the Yuan-ti. This Ice Castle is far more comfortable than a stone altar. One thing does make me happy, I will enjoy seeing the surprise of Rezmir’s killers when we return to Waterdeep.

Hail Tiamat.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 2.1
You arrive in Waterdeep with the prisoner Varram the White in tow. You have finished the first two quests given to you from the council and were eager to show them your prize. You noticed some tension among Lord Neverember and the rest of the council. Something was amiss you could not put your finger on it. As the council meeting with the Open Lord, the Masked Lords, the Lord’s Alliance, the Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, and the Emerald Enclave was about to begin, the guards of the council turned on you and the members. A few of them shape changed into Succubi while the remaining guards attacked you. During the course of the very tough battle, Kalam was charmed by a Succubus and ran away. Talindir eager to try one of his new found spells polymorphed Logheir into a T-Rex and proceeded to make a meal out of the Cultists.

After the carnage, a note was found on the Succubus that you fought with: Balaam, When you have finished your deed, meet back at The High Tide. From there, the dwarf will have a new mission. Dalagor

Who was Dalagor? Who was the dwarf? Where is the High Tide? None of this made sense. You were tasked in finding who called this terrorist attack on the council and to report back when you found some answers.

You decided to talk to Barnabas as he knew his way among the more seedier elements of Waterdeep. He did not who Dalagor was, but he has heard of The High Tide. It is located in Skullport, in the Underdark, a very sinister place where the dredges of the society have somewhat of a home. He knew of only two ways to get there. One was to go through the cavernous passages of Undermountain and the other was to take a portal on the side of Skull Island near the harbor. He knew of a sailor that could help you out, a halfling named Tigan. You promptly headed to the docks to find him and his ship.. Without too much trouble you found a longboat that was manned by him and his Half Elf first mate, Renk. After some negation you agreed on conditions and a price for the journey.

Logheir was feeling very distraught in the fact that tasted human flesh while in the form of a T-Rex. and proceeded to really tie one on that night. It will be remembered as a night that he drank so much alcohol that he even put his dwarves stamina to the test. He managed to get so sick from drinking it incapacitated him for the trip.

The next day, you arrived at the docks and Tigan set sail for Skull Island. The movement of the waves did not help Logheir at all and he managed to get very sick on the journey. The boat then headed directly to a vertical cliff and within an instant you found yourselves traveling through a portal into the Underdark. The shock of going from bright daylight to very dim lighting was troubling. The smell of the place really is what set Logheir off. The stench of rotting mold, fungus and who knows what else was within the river Sargauth,

He docked the boat and gave you a sending stone. When you called him you had 30 minutes to get to him at the docks or he would leave to there to fend for yourselves. He was not a fan of being there. He set sail and you were on your own in the long forgotten town of Skullport. On your way to finding The High Tide, you were ambushed by a Mind Flayer and some of his Minotaur Thralls. Focusing on the Illithid, you brought it down rather quickly and the minotaurs gave you a little bit trouble.

You made your way to The High Tide where you talked with Gnawlip the kobold proprietor. Being a strong businessman and host, he quickly figured that you were topsiders. He has heard of the Dalagor that was mentioned in the note you had, but the mention of a dwarf did not dust of any cobwebs in his memory.. He has heard of another force intern causing some issues with the existing gangs and mentioned to find the Blind. He is the arbitrator of all the gangs within Skullport and may be of help. Not sure what you were expecting, you did find where he has his HQ located. Upon arriving, you found out why he was called the bling, He is a large, old, and very blind beholder. He has heard of Dalagor, Dalagor the cold. It has been a very long tim since he has heard the name. The gangs have been mining mithril located within the caverns, and he was rumored to be with a arm of them, Various gangs have sent agents to squash him but they all have failed.

You found the passage where rumors of where Dalagor may be causing problems. you travelled the passages trying to find him when you noticed a secret door hiding within the cavern wall. You opened the door and snuck in. Delving into the carved passage you came across a lone dwarf who was on his way out. (Fergus!) He noticed the very stealthily party and ran away, warning those behind him. At the bottom of a stairwell, you encountered quite a few of Dalagor’s loyal henchmen. After a few seconds of dealing with them, some others joined the fray: Vampire Spawn. you dispatched a few of his henchmen and then Dalagor arrived. Ah, this was why Dalagor got the nickname The Cold, he was a vampire. You had a hard fight with him and his spawn and you burned his physical self until he turned into a mist and fled the scene. In his throne room you found a some nice bits of treasure and some of the mithril he was stealing for the Cult. Seeing that you mission was accomplished, you proceeded to head out Skullport and back into the salty air of Waterdeep.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 2.2 and 2.3

After your adventures delving into the Underdark in Skullport, you are able to have a council meeting. You found out who was responsible for the attack that beginning of the session: Dalagor, a vampire who was disrupting mithral mining activities for the Cult of the Dragon. You reported your findings about Oyaviggaton and the Tomb of Diderius with your capture of Varram the White.

One thing that stood out to you was that Dagult Neverember was replaced by Lady Laurel Silverhand as the Open Lord of Waterdeep. The Ruling council of Waterdeep was unhappy with the way things have been run by Neverember. The attack at the council session was enough to force their hand and replace him. Neverember is still a part of the Sword Coast council representing Neverwinter; as he started to spend more time there in the rebuilding efforts.

You reported that the Arcane Brotherhood are now allies to the defense of the Sword Coast when you returned Maccath the Crimson to the Luskan.

Delaan Winterhound lead off with session that the Emerald Enclave has investigated some dragon attacks in the Misty Forest. King Melandrach waved away his concerns since the elves have started to increase their patrols. Never the less, Delaan has asked the party to look into the devastating raids that have taken place there. There was once village that was saved from being abolished, Altand at the northern part of the forest.

After the discussion of the raids, a woman by the name of Elia, invited the party to another council in the Nether Mountains. If you were able to leave the next day, she would be able to take you there herself. You stated to the council that you would look into the attacks in the Misty Forest after your meeting in the Nether Mountains.

After leaving the council session you met the Castellan of Skyreach: Cornos Battleblade. He informed the party that the materials for the tower reconstruction have been delivered that work has commenced.

The next morning, you made way for the rendezvous point with Elia outside the walls of Waterdep. It was then she showed the party who she really was, Otaaryliakkarnos, an ancient Silver Dragon. The party claimed on her back and fly off to the Nether Mountains. On your travels to the Draconic Council, you could see the devastation the Cult of the Dragon has wrought upon the Sword Coast. Small villages, farms and town were burned and looted. They have gotten bolder in the efforts to loot and pillage the countryside.

Two days later, you arrived in a remote part of the mountain range. Otaaryliakkarnos was joined by Protanther a male Gold Dragon, Ileuthra a male Brass Dragon, Nymmurh a Male Bronze Dragon and Tazmikella a Female Copper Dragon. . You were surrounded by Ancient Metallic Dragons, an unnerving situation to say the least. They have been toying with the idea of joining with the humanoid races to stop all of the Chromatic Dragon activity that has been caused by the Draakhorn. Most of them were unconvinced that they should join you. You pleaded with the council to help out and they were willing to help out if concessions were made. Protanther wants a formal apology from elvenkind for the Dracorage Mythal. You deduced that you would have to approach King Melandrach for the apology. Iluethra wants the dragon masks returned to him. They should not be in the possession of the humanoid races. He wants them found and destroyed and/or delivered to him. Otaaryliakkarnos wants a formal apology for the dwarven Dragonmoots (the hunting and killing of dragons) She has had kin slain by them and wants their remains returned to her. Ambassador Brawnanvil is the one who you will have convince to see this through. Nymurrh needed no concessions. He trusts and has an affinity for the humanoid races. Tazmikella sensed that the orb that Rendal carried was once part of her horde that was looted a long time ago.

Protanther then cocked his head as if listening to someone and then looked directly to Narcissos.

“Tarlacoal, you have performed very well in the repentance of your sins against Bahamut” The party looked at each other quizzically. It turns out that Narcissos real name is Tarlacoal.

“You are not ready to made back whole yet. But we can meet halfway for now”

He then breathed fire onto Narcissos and after the flames died away, he became a gold dragonborn.

The next day Otaaryliakkarnos took the party to the Misty Forest. While in flight, you sent a message to Cornos to fly the castle there to pick you up after your investigation into the dragon raids.

As you landed outside the forest, a small village was being attacked by the Cult. You proceeded to fight them off as a Black Dragon swopped in and attacked the party. You overpowered the Cult and the dragon, as it was flying off, Otaaryliakkarnos breathed on it and killed in mid flight.

You made your way in the Misty Forest where you were stopped by an elven patrol. You explained who you represented and they lead you into further into the forest to the village of Altand. When you arrived the villagers looked depressed as they were trying to recover from the raid. You did some poking around and found out that a green dragon swopped down and killed almost half of the villagers alone. Humans dressed in the Cult of the Dragon regalia helped kill some of the villagers. The village priest stepped out to lead the village in the fighting as was swallowed whole. Some of the villagers claimed to have seen someone riding the dragon during the assault. The villages warden, Galin, has become the default leader.

You gained an audience with Galin and he appeared somewhat dodgy about some of his answers. When pressed, he became very agitated and kicked the party out of his home saying he lost enough in the raid, his wife.

You started to ask around about some details of the raid and current goings on in the village. One of the guards whom escorted you to the village stated that Galin has been seen going out alone nightly into the forest. You decided that evening you would follow him. Not long after night fell, you noticed him slip out of his house and head deeper into the forest. you tracked him into a clearing where he was on his knees. he started sobbing when he broke the full truth to you. He struck a deal with the dragon rider to leave his village alone in exchange for information about other elven villages in the forest. He would come out the clearing every night to share information if he showed up. You convinced him to rally the guards for the next night to attack the dragon and the rider if they showed up.

You prepped and marched into the forest the next night and they did not show up. you started marching in the direction that Galin says he sees them fly in from. After a few hours of hiking, you came across a woman pinned by some fallen trees. Skeptically you made your way to help her. the trees then stood up on their own and woman, who could see was a druid gave you garlands to wear. They were designed to hide you from the spies of the dragon.

You sensed you were getting closer to the lair when you arrived at a part of the forest that was covered in webs. you were attacked by ettercaps and giant spiders. You easily dispatched them and very soon found the lair of the green dragon.


You cautiously made you way into the dark lair. You encountered some elven guards who appeared to be there by coercion. Deeper into the lair, you found member of the Cult and quickly dispatched them. As you were leaving the Cult barracks, the Green Dragon Chuth and Neronvain fly into the large chamber of the lair. He called out for help and three Ettins appeared on a ledge. The fight commence where Neronvain was quickly taken out. With the effects of the spell you used to prep for the encounter, you were able to kill Chuth. Doing some digging around the lair, you found out the Neronvain was the long lost son of King Melandrach. The next council session is not going to be good one for Melandrach.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 3.1
Upon your exit from Chuth’s lair, the land around already started to heal from the blight that was cast upon it rom his inhabitance. The party made it’s way back to the village of Altand exhausted from the last 24 hours of hiking through the forest, ridding a draconic menace from the area and returning back to comfort.

The mood of the villagers started to life when war spread of the dragon and the cultists demise. The elves can start to mourn the dead and heal from they sustained. One of the elves from the militia, Aelar Okenheel, stepped forward and asked to be part of the crew to help fight against the cult. Seeing that he was an able ranger you quickly agreed to have him aboard.

You met with the castle and headed back to Chuth’s lair for the his body. At the direction of Cornos, the crew sprung into action to get the dragon’s carcass up the castle and get it ready for processing. Feeling inspired by the events around you from the crew and the elves, the group decided to rename the castle Dragonsbane and display a head of the different dragons you have brought down.

The newly rechirstend Dragonsbane headed back to Waterdeep to report to the council of your success with the Draconic Council and with the Green Wyrmspeaker. Nearing Waterdeep, lines of refugees were lined up outside the walls and make shift camps were built from the surrounding villages and town that have been raided by the Cult. Sensing the populace could se a moral boost, you amplified a regional war song from Talindir. you unfurled banners and displayed mounted dragon heads while the castle flew over Waterdeep, instantly drawing cheers from the crowds below.

Within a day, the council reconvened to hear your progress.having some time before the council meeting, you stopped in to collect your new sets of mithril armor. The craftsmanship was perfection and Loghier was able to take the existing hides of the dragons he help slay and attached them to his new suit. Leaving the blacksmith shop, you were approached by a humble man in a cloaked robe. A Lord Volmer wanted to speak with the group. Not knowing who he was, you hesitantly agreed to see him. You walked to a building nearby and were surrounded by other mens in cloaks. A curtain was drawn and a bone devil was before you. The group was very apprehensive about the meeting. He informed the group that there are some faction within the hells that want Tiamat out of her prison and others who do not want her leave, mainly Asmodeus. He wanted to come to agreement with the party. Not wanting to make a deal with the devil, Talindir, Kalam, and Rendal left. Narcissos and Logheir wanted to hear him out. The terms of the agreement came down to not killing more than 15 devils that work for the cult at a time if they were to come across them. The factions of Asmodeus wanted to take care of their own. Narcissos offered to sign his name in exchange for his soul, as he felt he was damned already.

On the way to the council meeting, the guards stopped the party as they did not recognize Narcissos near form. After checking with a Zone of Truth spell cast upon a candle, they let the group in. The usual members of the council were seated before you. Elia from the Draconic Council was present as a was a new advisor toLord Neverember: Rian Nightshade. She was not welcome by some members of the council but she stayed non-the-less.

You informed them that the meeting with the draconic council was a success with some caveats. you informed Brawnavil of what the apologies and remains they must return. He was not happy about the concessions. King Melandrach received the worst news of the day: he would have to apologize for the Dracorage Mythal to the Council and his long lost son was the green Wyrmspeaker, Neronvain. After heating the news he became very angry and stayed silent for the rest of the meeting.

Elia spoke up and stated that the draconic council would offer 5 metallic dragons for patrols and guards and that the party would decide where they would go. After some deliberation you decided that dragons would guard the cities of Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Mithril Hall, The High Forrest, and Baldur’s Gate. Brawnanvil and Melandrach were not as upset with their concessions now that have dragons guarding their homes.

For new business, Taern Hornblade brought up a new lead. Iskander, a member of the Cult of the Dragons was having second thought about joining. He claims to have the Blue Dragon Mask and is holed up in tower once thought occupied by Xonthal. No one has heard from the mage or seen him in 100 years. Sensing that this is a trap but too good of a lead, the party decided to investigate. Since the surrounding area was in need of having its spirits lifted, a festival was being scheduled near the Sea Ward for moral boosting. You agreed that the party needed would help with moral.

After the council meeting, Laurel Silverhand wanted a private audience with the party as her guest would cause too much controversy. Lead back to another room, was Nyh Ilmychh, an ambassador of Thay. He informed everyone that Thay and the Sword Coast could be benefit from one another. A rogue red wizard, Rath Modar is a part of the Thayan Resurrection a group that wants to overthrow the current ruler, the lich Szass Tam. The meeting would take place with Tharchion Eseldra Yeth, in Thay. The location was non negotiable and a teleport would be provided to and from Thay. Since Severin is using many of the Red Wizard exiles, Ilmychh stated that having Thay on the Sword Coast side would hurt his plans. he stated that the party would be guaranteed safety inside of the Thayan borders. Talindir stated he would go alone to Thay to speak with the Tharchion.

The next day, the party headed to the Sea Ward for the festivities. As the party arrived, a few cloaked figures bumped into the party rushed past them. They made their way into the center of the crowd and pulled aside their cloaks. One of the men spoke up and yelled: Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to your deaths!" The other cloaked men turned out to be devils and started attacking the crowds. The party rushed forward to engage the Cultists. Across a nearby bridge, a roof on a warehouse exploded and a black dragon shot through the carnage. it headed straight for the party. suing a new spell, Talindir locked down the dragon while the group engaged the cultists and the devils. You were able to dispatch them in no time and save quite a few lives. Lady Laurel Siverhand showed up and banished the black dragon the Shadowfell. She ordered the City watch to get the place cleaned up and thanked the party for being there for the people.

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 3.2

The day had come for Talindir and Rendal to journey to Thay, to speak with the tharchion Eseldra Yeth. The party headed to the meeting place that Nyh Ilmichh stated that a teleport circle would be ready for them. Along the way, Leosin caught up with the party to inform them that the Waterdeep City Watch has heard word of another Cult cell that may be preparing another terrorist attack on the city. Logheir, Narcissos, and Kalam said they would look into it.

Talindir and Rendal stepped into the teleportation circle and within an instant, they were across the Faerun in a much different place than the Sword Coast. They found themselves in Nethwatch Keep on the plateau of Lapendrar. Around them were undead guards obeying the Red Wizards and many slaves carrying out the daily business of the city.

They were lead into a fortified keep where they met Tharchion Yeth. Upon meeting and introductions, she stated that you have a common threat to deal with and that Nyh would act as liaison to the council for coordination and that she was authorized by Szass Tam, the master of Thay to do so.

She invited the two of you dinner and you sat down to actually a very nice meal. Seeing that she was drinking blood and nothing else, you quickly surmised that she was a vampire as there a lot of undead wizards serving under the Thayan leadership. She informed Talindir and Rendal that Rath Modar and his followers are part of a resistance movement in Thay called the Thayan Resurrection. They aim to overthrow Szass Tam and the current zulkirs. Rath Modar believes that bringing Tiamat into the world, she will overthrow Thay for being indebted to him and his cause.

Not feeling convinced that the Thayan rulers have anyone best interest but their own, Talindir and Rendal left the dining room table and asked to be returned to Waterdeep. The Red Wizards there looked shocked at such an abrubt move and escorted them to the teleportation circle.

Meanwhile in Waterdeep, the rest of the party was making their way to the City Watch when they heard a voice call out to them. Turning around you saw Jamna Gleamsilver She struck up a conversation with you about the details of the last council meeting. Curious as to how she knew the details, you stated, I would NEVER tell such a thing. you then figured out that Rian Nightblade (the advisor to Dagult Neverember) is a member of the Zhentarim. . Jamna informed you that the attack that happened destroyed a Zhent warehouse and that they want some payback. She gave a name of a possible lead into where the Cult may be. She bargained that doing this would be a very large favor that the Zhentarim would be happy to pay back. Jamna gave the name, Maglos Eightfingers, that he may have an idea of who may have caused this.

The group then headed to the City Watch in the Castle Ward and met with Grena Delvehammer. She was honored by the presence of the heroes and gave a run down of what the investigations have turned up. The City Watch used a speak with dead spell on the cultists to find out more about them. She said that they acted alone but knew of another independent cell that was going to detonate an arcane bomb. You asked about any leads and she said that she does not have any. However, she knew of a black market dealer, Maglos, at the Arcane Cauldron, in the DockWard near mount Waterdeep that may be a source of information.

After meeting with Jamna and Grena, the group got word back that Talindir and Rendal has returned from Thay. Puzzled, they headed back to the location. Standing int he circle was Talindir and Rendal with perturbed looks on their faces. Nah was standing there shocked to see them so early. The group filled each other in what transpired.

After getting caught up, the group headed to Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors where Kalam father was teaching to find out more about the making of an arcane bomb. After his class let out he informed the party that suck a device could be made with Residuum; a highly viotile magical substance. He informed the group that the order does not keep any of that in supply and that an accomplished alchemist would be able to handle the material. He knew of no such dealings as the school always complies with the law and teaches that to their students.

Making your way to the Arcane black market dealer, you were cut off in a shady part of town by some gang members who thought they could increase their standing by taking on the Heroes of Greenest. You proved them very wronging easily shutting them down and ridding the city of Waterdeep from some petty thieves.

When you arrived at the Arcane Cauldron you discovered that the actual place had a seedy tavern as a front while Maglos was running his goods from the back room. You quickly convinced him for the good of the city and his safety that he should give up the name of the person who was buying the residuum. He informed you that a half elf by the name Brettin, was the runner for the alchemist who was needing the goods. He said that he believes he saw him head toward the Southern Ward.

You quickly headed to the ward and started casing the area for taverns and the streets looking for him. You cam a across the tavern he ws drinking at with some other ne’er-do-wells and proceeded to shadow him. He went into a house that had a family living on the top floors while he went into the lower floor and basement of the house.

Preparing for a confrontation, you entered the house….


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