Whiskey Bandits

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 2.2 and 2.3

The Council of Dragons and Neronvain the Green


After your adventures delving into the Underdark in Skullport, you are able to have a council meeting. You found out who was responsible for the attack that beginning of the session: Dalagor, a vampire who was disrupting mithral mining activities for the Cult of the Dragon. You reported your findings about Oyaviggaton and the Tomb of Diderius with your capture of Varram the White.

One thing that stood out to you was that Dagult Neverember was replaced by Lady Laurel Silverhand as the Open Lord of Waterdeep. The Ruling council of Waterdeep was unhappy with the way things have been run by Neverember. The attack at the council session was enough to force their hand and replace him. Neverember is still a part of the Sword Coast council representing Neverwinter; as he started to spend more time there in the rebuilding efforts.

You reported that the Arcane Brotherhood are now allies to the defense of the Sword Coast when you returned Maccath the Crimson to the Luskan.

Delaan Winterhound lead off with session that the Emerald Enclave has investigated some dragon attacks in the Misty Forest. King Melandrach waved away his concerns since the elves have started to increase their patrols. Never the less, Delaan has asked the party to look into the devastating raids that have taken place there. There was once village that was saved from being abolished, Altand at the northern part of the forest.

After the discussion of the raids, a woman by the name of Elia, invited the party to another council in the Nether Mountains. If you were able to leave the next day, she would be able to take you there herself. You stated to the council that you would look into the attacks in the Misty Forest after your meeting in the Nether Mountains.

After leaving the council session you met the Castellan of Skyreach: Cornos Battleblade. He informed the party that the materials for the tower reconstruction have been delivered that work has commenced.

The next morning, you made way for the rendezvous point with Elia outside the walls of Waterdep. It was then she showed the party who she really was, Otaaryliakkarnos, an ancient Silver Dragon. The party claimed on her back and fly off to the Nether Mountains. On your travels to the Draconic Council, you could see the devastation the Cult of the Dragon has wrought upon the Sword Coast. Small villages, farms and town were burned and looted. They have gotten bolder in the efforts to loot and pillage the countryside.

Two days later, you arrived in a remote part of the mountain range. Otaaryliakkarnos was joined by Protanther a male Gold Dragon, Ileuthra a male Brass Dragon, Nymmurh a Male Bronze Dragon and Tazmikella a Female Copper Dragon. . You were surrounded by Ancient Metallic Dragons, an unnerving situation to say the least. They have been toying with the idea of joining with the humanoid races to stop all of the Chromatic Dragon activity that has been caused by the Draakhorn. Most of them were unconvinced that they should join you. You pleaded with the council to help out and they were willing to help out if concessions were made. Protanther wants a formal apology from elvenkind for the Dracorage Mythal. You deduced that you would have to approach King Melandrach for the apology. Iluethra wants the dragon masks returned to him. They should not be in the possession of the humanoid races. He wants them found and destroyed and/or delivered to him. Otaaryliakkarnos wants a formal apology for the dwarven Dragonmoots (the hunting and killing of dragons) She has had kin slain by them and wants their remains returned to her. Ambassador Brawnanvil is the one who you will have convince to see this through. Nymurrh needed no concessions. He trusts and has an affinity for the humanoid races. Tazmikella sensed that the orb that Rendal carried was once part of her horde that was looted a long time ago.

Protanther then cocked his head as if listening to someone and then looked directly to Narcissos.

“Tarlacoal, you have performed very well in the repentance of your sins against Bahamut” The party looked at each other quizzically. It turns out that Narcissos real name is Tarlacoal.

“You are not ready to made back whole yet. But we can meet halfway for now”

He then breathed fire onto Narcissos and after the flames died away, he became a gold dragonborn.

The next day Otaaryliakkarnos took the party to the Misty Forest. While in flight, you sent a message to Cornos to fly the castle there to pick you up after your investigation into the dragon raids.

As you landed outside the forest, a small village was being attacked by the Cult. You proceeded to fight them off as a Black Dragon swopped in and attacked the party. You overpowered the Cult and the dragon, as it was flying off, Otaaryliakkarnos breathed on it and killed in mid flight.

You made your way in the Misty Forest where you were stopped by an elven patrol. You explained who you represented and they lead you into further into the forest to the village of Altand. When you arrived the villagers looked depressed as they were trying to recover from the raid. You did some poking around and found out that a green dragon swopped down and killed almost half of the villagers alone. Humans dressed in the Cult of the Dragon regalia helped kill some of the villagers. The village priest stepped out to lead the village in the fighting as was swallowed whole. Some of the villagers claimed to have seen someone riding the dragon during the assault. The villages warden, Galin, has become the default leader.

You gained an audience with Galin and he appeared somewhat dodgy about some of his answers. When pressed, he became very agitated and kicked the party out of his home saying he lost enough in the raid, his wife.

You started to ask around about some details of the raid and current goings on in the village. One of the guards whom escorted you to the village stated that Galin has been seen going out alone nightly into the forest. You decided that evening you would follow him. Not long after night fell, you noticed him slip out of his house and head deeper into the forest. you tracked him into a clearing where he was on his knees. he started sobbing when he broke the full truth to you. He struck a deal with the dragon rider to leave his village alone in exchange for information about other elven villages in the forest. He would come out the clearing every night to share information if he showed up. You convinced him to rally the guards for the next night to attack the dragon and the rider if they showed up.

You prepped and marched into the forest the next night and they did not show up. you started marching in the direction that Galin says he sees them fly in from. After a few hours of hiking, you came across a woman pinned by some fallen trees. Skeptically you made your way to help her. the trees then stood up on their own and woman, who could see was a druid gave you garlands to wear. They were designed to hide you from the spies of the dragon.

You sensed you were getting closer to the lair when you arrived at a part of the forest that was covered in webs. you were attacked by ettercaps and giant spiders. You easily dispatched them and very soon found the lair of the green dragon.


You cautiously made you way into the dark lair. You encountered some elven guards who appeared to be there by coercion. Deeper into the lair, you found member of the Cult and quickly dispatched them. As you were leaving the Cult barracks, the Green Dragon Chuth and Neronvain fly into the large chamber of the lair. He called out for help and three Ettins appeared on a ledge. The fight commence where Neronvain was quickly taken out. With the effects of the spell you used to prep for the encounter, you were able to kill Chuth. Doing some digging around the lair, you found out the Neronvain was the long lost son of King Melandrach. The next council session is not going to be good one for Melandrach.


Thunderman Thunderman

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