Whiskey Bandits

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 3.1

Making deals with devils

Upon your exit from Chuth’s lair, the land around already started to heal from the blight that was cast upon it rom his inhabitance. The party made it’s way back to the village of Altand exhausted from the last 24 hours of hiking through the forest, ridding a draconic menace from the area and returning back to comfort.

The mood of the villagers started to life when war spread of the dragon and the cultists demise. The elves can start to mourn the dead and heal from they sustained. One of the elves from the militia, Aelar Okenheel, stepped forward and asked to be part of the crew to help fight against the cult. Seeing that he was an able ranger you quickly agreed to have him aboard.

You met with the castle and headed back to Chuth’s lair for the his body. At the direction of Cornos, the crew sprung into action to get the dragon’s carcass up the castle and get it ready for processing. Feeling inspired by the events around you from the crew and the elves, the group decided to rename the castle Dragonsbane and display a head of the different dragons you have brought down.

The newly rechirstend Dragonsbane headed back to Waterdeep to report to the council of your success with the Draconic Council and with the Green Wyrmspeaker. Nearing Waterdeep, lines of refugees were lined up outside the walls and make shift camps were built from the surrounding villages and town that have been raided by the Cult. Sensing the populace could se a moral boost, you amplified a regional war song from Talindir. you unfurled banners and displayed mounted dragon heads while the castle flew over Waterdeep, instantly drawing cheers from the crowds below.

Within a day, the council reconvened to hear your progress.having some time before the council meeting, you stopped in to collect your new sets of mithril armor. The craftsmanship was perfection and Loghier was able to take the existing hides of the dragons he help slay and attached them to his new suit. Leaving the blacksmith shop, you were approached by a humble man in a cloaked robe. A Lord Volmer wanted to speak with the group. Not knowing who he was, you hesitantly agreed to see him. You walked to a building nearby and were surrounded by other mens in cloaks. A curtain was drawn and a bone devil was before you. The group was very apprehensive about the meeting. He informed the group that there are some faction within the hells that want Tiamat out of her prison and others who do not want her leave, mainly Asmodeus. He wanted to come to agreement with the party. Not wanting to make a deal with the devil, Talindir, Kalam, and Rendal left. Narcissos and Logheir wanted to hear him out. The terms of the agreement came down to not killing more than 15 devils that work for the cult at a time if they were to come across them. The factions of Asmodeus wanted to take care of their own. Narcissos offered to sign his name in exchange for his soul, as he felt he was damned already.

On the way to the council meeting, the guards stopped the party as they did not recognize Narcissos near form. After checking with a Zone of Truth spell cast upon a candle, they let the group in. The usual members of the council were seated before you. Elia from the Draconic Council was present as a was a new advisor toLord Neverember: Rian Nightshade. She was not welcome by some members of the council but she stayed non-the-less.

You informed them that the meeting with the draconic council was a success with some caveats. you informed Brawnavil of what the apologies and remains they must return. He was not happy about the concessions. King Melandrach received the worst news of the day: he would have to apologize for the Dracorage Mythal to the Council and his long lost son was the green Wyrmspeaker, Neronvain. After heating the news he became very angry and stayed silent for the rest of the meeting.

Elia spoke up and stated that the draconic council would offer 5 metallic dragons for patrols and guards and that the party would decide where they would go. After some deliberation you decided that dragons would guard the cities of Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Mithril Hall, The High Forrest, and Baldur’s Gate. Brawnanvil and Melandrach were not as upset with their concessions now that have dragons guarding their homes.

For new business, Taern Hornblade brought up a new lead. Iskander, a member of the Cult of the Dragons was having second thought about joining. He claims to have the Blue Dragon Mask and is holed up in tower once thought occupied by Xonthal. No one has heard from the mage or seen him in 100 years. Sensing that this is a trap but too good of a lead, the party decided to investigate. Since the surrounding area was in need of having its spirits lifted, a festival was being scheduled near the Sea Ward for moral boosting. You agreed that the party needed would help with moral.

After the council meeting, Laurel Silverhand wanted a private audience with the party as her guest would cause too much controversy. Lead back to another room, was Nyh Ilmychh, an ambassador of Thay. He informed everyone that Thay and the Sword Coast could be benefit from one another. A rogue red wizard, Rath Modar is a part of the Thayan Resurrection a group that wants to overthrow the current ruler, the lich Szass Tam. The meeting would take place with Tharchion Eseldra Yeth, in Thay. The location was non negotiable and a teleport would be provided to and from Thay. Since Severin is using many of the Red Wizard exiles, Ilmychh stated that having Thay on the Sword Coast side would hurt his plans. he stated that the party would be guaranteed safety inside of the Thayan borders. Talindir stated he would go alone to Thay to speak with the Tharchion.

The next day, the party headed to the Sea Ward for the festivities. As the party arrived, a few cloaked figures bumped into the party rushed past them. They made their way into the center of the crowd and pulled aside their cloaks. One of the men spoke up and yelled: Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to your deaths!" The other cloaked men turned out to be devils and started attacking the crowds. The party rushed forward to engage the Cultists. Across a nearby bridge, a roof on a warehouse exploded and a black dragon shot through the carnage. it headed straight for the party. suing a new spell, Talindir locked down the dragon while the group engaged the cultists and the devils. You were able to dispatch them in no time and save quite a few lives. Lady Laurel Siverhand showed up and banished the black dragon the Shadowfell. She ordered the City watch to get the place cleaned up and thanked the party for being there for the people.


Thunderman Thunderman

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