Whiskey Bandits

Rise of Tiamat Chapter 3.2

A Journey to Thay

The day had come for Talindir and Rendal to journey to Thay, to speak with the tharchion Eseldra Yeth. The party headed to the meeting place that Nyh Ilmichh stated that a teleport circle would be ready for them. Along the way, Leosin caught up with the party to inform them that the Waterdeep City Watch has heard word of another Cult cell that may be preparing another terrorist attack on the city. Logheir, Narcissos, and Kalam said they would look into it.

Talindir and Rendal stepped into the teleportation circle and within an instant, they were across the Faerun in a much different place than the Sword Coast. They found themselves in Nethwatch Keep on the plateau of Lapendrar. Around them were undead guards obeying the Red Wizards and many slaves carrying out the daily business of the city.

They were lead into a fortified keep where they met Tharchion Yeth. Upon meeting and introductions, she stated that you have a common threat to deal with and that Nyh would act as liaison to the council for coordination and that she was authorized by Szass Tam, the master of Thay to do so.

She invited the two of you dinner and you sat down to actually a very nice meal. Seeing that she was drinking blood and nothing else, you quickly surmised that she was a vampire as there a lot of undead wizards serving under the Thayan leadership. She informed Talindir and Rendal that Rath Modar and his followers are part of a resistance movement in Thay called the Thayan Resurrection. They aim to overthrow Szass Tam and the current zulkirs. Rath Modar believes that bringing Tiamat into the world, she will overthrow Thay for being indebted to him and his cause.

Not feeling convinced that the Thayan rulers have anyone best interest but their own, Talindir and Rendal left the dining room table and asked to be returned to Waterdeep. The Red Wizards there looked shocked at such an abrubt move and escorted them to the teleportation circle.

Meanwhile in Waterdeep, the rest of the party was making their way to the City Watch when they heard a voice call out to them. Turning around you saw Jamna Gleamsilver She struck up a conversation with you about the details of the last council meeting. Curious as to how she knew the details, you stated, I would NEVER tell such a thing. you then figured out that Rian Nightblade (the advisor to Dagult Neverember) is a member of the Zhentarim. . Jamna informed you that the attack that happened destroyed a Zhent warehouse and that they want some payback. She gave a name of a possible lead into where the Cult may be. She bargained that doing this would be a very large favor that the Zhentarim would be happy to pay back. Jamna gave the name, Maglos Eightfingers, that he may have an idea of who may have caused this.

The group then headed to the City Watch in the Castle Ward and met with Grena Delvehammer. She was honored by the presence of the heroes and gave a run down of what the investigations have turned up. The City Watch used a speak with dead spell on the cultists to find out more about them. She said that they acted alone but knew of another independent cell that was going to detonate an arcane bomb. You asked about any leads and she said that she does not have any. However, she knew of a black market dealer, Maglos, at the Arcane Cauldron, in the DockWard near mount Waterdeep that may be a source of information.

After meeting with Jamna and Grena, the group got word back that Talindir and Rendal has returned from Thay. Puzzled, they headed back to the location. Standing int he circle was Talindir and Rendal with perturbed looks on their faces. Nah was standing there shocked to see them so early. The group filled each other in what transpired.

After getting caught up, the group headed to Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors where Kalam father was teaching to find out more about the making of an arcane bomb. After his class let out he informed the party that suck a device could be made with Residuum; a highly viotile magical substance. He informed the group that the order does not keep any of that in supply and that an accomplished alchemist would be able to handle the material. He knew of no such dealings as the school always complies with the law and teaches that to their students.

Making your way to the Arcane black market dealer, you were cut off in a shady part of town by some gang members who thought they could increase their standing by taking on the Heroes of Greenest. You proved them very wronging easily shutting them down and ridding the city of Waterdeep from some petty thieves.

When you arrived at the Arcane Cauldron you discovered that the actual place had a seedy tavern as a front while Maglos was running his goods from the back room. You quickly convinced him for the good of the city and his safety that he should give up the name of the person who was buying the residuum. He informed you that a half elf by the name Brettin, was the runner for the alchemist who was needing the goods. He said that he believes he saw him head toward the Southern Ward.

You quickly headed to the ward and started casing the area for taverns and the streets looking for him. You cam a across the tavern he ws drinking at with some other ne’er-do-wells and proceeded to shadow him. He went into a house that had a family living on the top floors while he went into the lower floor and basement of the house.

Preparing for a confrontation, you entered the house….


Thunderman Thunderman

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